L.A. Times Crossword Puzzle — Style And Conventions

L.A. Times Crossword Puzzle — Style And Conventions

The L.A. Times crossword is an entertaining puzzle that is very witty and funny. It uses many types of clever clues including wordplay, cryptic clues, anagrams, and puns. The crosswords sometimes have humorous themes.

Being a Los Angeles based newspaper, they often have clues which relate to the entertainment industry or the arts. Expect to be asked many clues relating about television shows, movies, celebrities, musicians, politics, and artists.

Crossword Corner is a great resource for getting a sense of the style of conventions of the L.A. Times Crossword. The author shares detailed solutions to each puzzle.

The L.A. Times crossword puzzle if medium to high difficulty. The Sunday puzzle is challenging but is still considered easier than the New York Times Saturday puzzle.


Who Writes The L.A. Times Crossword?

Over the years, many different puzzle authors have written crosswords for the L.A. Times. One of the most prolific contributors was Merl Reagle, who passed away in 2015. He was a brilliant puzzle creator who enjoyed wordplay and puns. He favored cleverness and wit over obscurity, which made his puzzles a lot of fun.

Sylvia Bursztyn and Barry Tunick have also written many puzzles for the L.A. Times and their work is featured in several crossword puzzle books. They are renowned for their wit and wordplay. They often create laid-back crosswords that are challenging while remaining enjoyable.


Who Is The Editor Of The L.A. Times Crossword?

The L.A. Times crosswords are currently edited by Rich Norris, a lifelong puzzle addict and the author of several books.


How To Play The L.A. Times Crossword Puzzle

The L.A. Times crossword puzzle can be played by either:

Buying a copy of the L.A. Times newspaper
Simply grab a copy of the newspaper to play the latest puzzle

Visiting the L.A. Times website
Visit latimes.com/crossword to solve puzzles online. All puzzles are free.
The puzzle is published daily at midnight Eastern Standard Time (9 PM Pacific Standard Time)